ECML Ltd (ECM) is a full-service marketing team that specialises in developing innovative campaigns with care and flair to maximise a client's return on investment.

ECM's beginning-to-end service - from marketing research, through data cleaning to supplying creative marketing concepts, telemarketing services and B2B and B2C sales leads - is used to create effective, integrated sales lead generation campaigns and product launches in the UK and Europe for many household names across a wide range of market sectors.

international marketing

And when our clients see what we have produced databases, they consistently compliment us on the high quality and creativity of our creative solutions, artwork and print.

ECM's client list includes IBM, Intel, Fujitsu Teamware, Rainbow Technologies, Roland DG, Harp Visual Systems, Pine Cliffs Vacation Club, Humberts Leisure and Genuity Europe.

In essence, ECM takes the gamble out of the marketing budget. We assess both existing and potential global advertising markets, using our marketing research analysis and extensive vertical market experience to provide an invaluable perspective through the potential customers' eyes. Knowing the target audience's perspective enhances sales lead generation, because the online marketing communications are then based on up-to-date, factual, information about customers' needs and requirements.

These invaluable insights, plus our precisioned profiling gives the focus to our creativity. Our campaigns are based upon the 'snipers rifle rather than the shotgun' so that we carefully choose who we contact in order to make sure that our clients' money is spent efficiently. And as we push creativity to new heights, so our communications differentiate your messages from the competition.

Our creative marketing ideas are always inventive, using stunning graphics and persuasive messages in the most appropriate media for the job in hand - including direct mail, email, web sites, advertising, literature and exhibition panels. And often liaising with a PR team to provide a fully integrated communications package.

Wherever possible we like to work in close partnership with a client's sales and management teams, listening to their experience, exchanging ideas, evaluating the potential effectiveness of our creative promotional concepts - and sharing their commitment to achieving results.

Yes, No, and everything in between

As soon as we have rolled out a campaign, we can help to systematically gather in the leads, responses and queries. We are then able to supply clients with results that can be qualified and quantified - and which prove the marketing spend was justified.

For example, the response figures for our last EMEA lead generation campaign for Rainbow Technologies before their takeover showed:

E Tyres marketing team said that this was the best and most cost effective lead generation campaign they have ever had!

Therefore, as a pan-European agency we can offer international marketing services and support to companies seeking to develop marketing strategies and plans worldwide.

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