Creative Marketing

ECML has a very practical approach to creativity. No affectations, no big fees, just innovative ways of getting the message to your target market, succinctly and memorably.

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In a busy world of marketing 'noise', we aim for a moment's silence.

With information overload at unprecedented levels for any business decision-maker, differentiating your message from the competition is essential. We have proved that effectiveness can be measured in direct proportion to how well and how creatively a campaign communicates the right message.

This all comes down to understanding a client's product or service and the target market. This understanding must be as complete as necessary, so when starting a project we ensure that everyone on the team is fully up to speed and, whenever possible, we include the full team at meetings at our cost.

A successful marketing campaign will make your brand a well known name. You need to get your logo seen and get your target audience to know the product or service you provide. Use a local printing company to brand products and get your name into more areas. Get your logo on water bottles at conferences, get bigger signs outside the office. logo

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A senior creative team of Tony Styles (Creative Director), Jo Barnard (Copywriter) and Martin Morrissey (Managing Director) is responsible for all initial creative marketing concepts. As the project develops, they ensure that all work is 'singing from the same hymn sheet' and provide the personal touch in what can be a very impersonal world.

The case study below offers an example of how our creativity can transform sales lead generation:

Genuity's Black Rocket
ECM has undertaken pre-launch market research and devised a lead generation program for Black Rocket, an Enterprise Network Platform for international hosting.

The Result?
Prospects were invited to seminars which generated over 200 leads, generating £millions in orders. The campaign was then rolled out across France and London