Databases and Telemarketing

As the telephone is a very effective way of keeping in touch with people, in terms of money and time, we often use it through the entire execution of a project.

ECM's telemarketing team is well trained and experienced. They play a crucial role supporting many phases of our marketing campaigns (research, data cleaning, qualifying and lead generation).

At the same time, it is a well-known fact that without an extremely targeted and up-to-date sales database of targets, marketing spend will be wasted. That is why ECM provides a 'micro targeting system' for business databases and telemarketing services to ensure the highest possible levels of cost effectiveness for your business leads database.

We achieve precise targeting through a combination of detailed marketing research, client collaboration, list sourcing and data analysis followed by sophisticated data merging and data cleaning to ensure our clients' sales databases represent the best possible long-term investment.

Database sourcing & management skills are rare. For ECM, they are core.

Database list sourcing can be very time consuming and frustrating. Even when you feel you have found the best available, the data is rarely 'as advertised' when it is finally in use. ECM has over 30 years of experience in database updating, analysing, sourcing and developing. This combined with in-depth experience across diverse markets, and you can see why we are so well placed to advise on a marketing database purchase (or purchase it on behalf of a client) with minimum found great business electricity resource for companies risk and maximum return on investment.

Once we have established, in collaboration with clients, the profiles of top targets, we usually select the best information from a client's existing sales database (if it is available) and enhance it with highly  targeted lists from sources all over Europe. Then the initial contact is made, which commences the marketing communications process.

Ensuring data is up to date is of paramount importance, that is why our marketing team make real-time updates in all European languages throughout the marketing campaign. The emphasis is always on complete integrity and security.

And legal too.

One important aspect of data management is collecting personal information legally from relevant decision makers, so that all the marketing we conduct is permission-based and conforms with recent legislation This ensures both a high return and 'Best Practice'.

Whether we are gathering seminar registrations, generating leads, following up on direct mail or setting appointments, we offer clients the most efficient terms possible, (based on a price per completed call or appointment rather than a set charge per hour or day) thus avoiding the costly surprises.

The case study below offers an example of how effective our 'Micro Targeting' can be in a European marketing communications campaign:

Intel LANDesk
Big trade shows can still attract big prospects - if promoted effectively. ECM were asked to put together a new campaign to attract the attention of UK-based Senior IT Executives in selected markets to Intel's stand at the Networks Telecom Show 2001 in the Birmingham NEC in order to build its sales database.

The Result?
High quality sales lead generation - three times as many people visited the stand as the previous year, nearly 500 people registered to receive further information and the website used for the Intel LANDesk Management Suite site doubled traffic overnight and remained high.

We also improve existing websites; providing graphics, database solutions, search features, password protection and picture and file upload features.