International Marketing

Efficient international marketing strategies in a global economy requires tailored marketing communications that accommodate differences in culture, language and time zones as well as national business practices and infrastructure.

As a pan European agency, ECML (ECM) can provide global marketing consultancy and a full range of services to companies seeking to develop their international marketing plans.

Markets may be global, but customers remain individuals.

Local knowledge is vital to successful global marketing beyond the UK and Europe. To help clients open or expand world markets, the ECM network includes professional international marketing communications and sales organisations in strategic markets around the world – organisations with experience in marketing hi-tech clients and an ability to conduct client relations in English, access to a regional network of marketing and sales resources and a commitment to the ECM methodology of creative marketing solutions backed by solid market research and analysis.

Quality is recognised the world over.

Such strong international partners enable ECML to deliver consistent marketing and communications programs that cross all geographic and cultural boundaries.
European marketing support services

The case study below offers an example of our partnership to supply international marketing services to businesses ‘across the pond.’

Based in the USA and UK, Cerplex provide a contract repair and refurbishment service to major international OEMs in the Telecoms, Computing and Office Equipment industries.

ECM provides the European marketing support and creative marketing expertise to help Cerplex target clients such as BT and also major financial institutions in the ATM market.

In addition to providing an innovative brand image and corporate styling, ECML's sales lead generation and creative direct marketing input works closely with the Cerplex sales team to provide high quality leads and follow-up.

A European marketing campaign aimed at senior executives in BT achieved a figure of 76% above target in terms of response and opened up hitherto unknown areas of interest.