European Market Research

With a current climate of change and fast developing technological issues, consulting ECM to gain an up-to-date snapshot of your target market can be the difference between success and failure. An essential part of ECML's approach to providing creative marketing solutions is therefore the initial market research and analysis phase.

We get an honest opinion, because we are honest with people.

Our market research consultants develop an in-depth understanding of the target market by evolving a set of key issues with client teams, compiling a database of representative samples and then talking direct to the decision makers in the chosen companies.

And because we conduct interviews ourselves, as ECM – rather than as a representative of your company – people tend to be frank with us. Because they understand that we genuinely want to know what they think, and we won’t finish the call with a special offer on product X. So they open up.

Once the results of our market research are analysed, we can often add to your understanding of the market with candid insights from the customer perspective – and the statistics make it simple to understand the all important ‘bigger’ picture.

We know which direction to take because your customers draw us a map.
Market Research for Product Launches

When preparing a product launch, ECM's market research consultants can ask top decision makers in a particular vertical market how they prefer to receive information, what they consider key issues for a particular product or service, which exhibitions they go to, what they read, who they buy from, who they would talk to – and, once the market research analysis is complete, create a complete marketing communications platform to provide a factual basis for planning, prior to product launch.

If research shows that the target audience prefers to assess products at seminars, then we forget the ads and book a venue. If it shows the main concern is for product reliability, then reliability information will feature uppermost in all communications.

When market research leads, cost efficiency follows.

For ECML, market research is simply the starter’s block, not the finishing line. We conduct market research efficiently – quickly and well – and for a fraction of the cost of traditional market research suppliers, because we need a market analysis before we can begin the real work of designing creative marketing communications that are right on track.

The case study below offers an example of how our market research techniques can uncover information that radically changes marketing strategy.

iBase - Unlocking the National Heritage
ECM’s challenge was to create an effective sales lead generation program for the iBase digital asset management software. A direct mail campaign and supporting range of marketing tools were developed – all on a very tight budget and in a short space of time.

The Result?
The telemarketing research reported a massive 38% positive response on requests for appointments and further information from the first batch.

The following week at the Museums Association Show, the iBase Stand was busy with over 70 new registered prospects talking face-to-face with the sales team. In all, over 300 high quality leads were generated from the first phase of the campaign – an outstanding overall positive response rate of 38% of the targeted sales lead database.

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